Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just wanted to do a quick update on my weight loss for my friends and family not on facebook....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Homecoming for a friend and memories

Today is a very special day for some friends of mine. One of my dearest friends that I grew up close to is finally getting her Marine home from war. What a special day for her. I am so thankful for Marine's like Joel, and all they do for us. I am thankful for them being out there risking their lives for my freedom. Although he won't be in Idaho for another week or so, I am very excited that he is finally out of harms way and in a sense home.

Watching Sara go through this deployment brought back a lot of memories for me. It was a hard life, back when I was a Navy wife. There was a lot that I enjoyed, and a lot that was hard for me. I hated having my husband gone all the time, but in time I got used to it. I remember the tears that I cried every time they left for more than a few days, and the feelings of being alone, and the pain it caused. I remember the good times and the bad. The anxiety that you couldn't help but feel prior to there return. I always considered myself lucky to be married to a sailor though, as I looked at it as at least he's safe when he deploys. I didn't have to live through the fears that I saw Sara, so much like a sister to me, try to hide. Would he get shot, would he be injured, worse yet would be killed? All the hardest parts of being married to a soldier. I never lived with those types of fears. I remember how exciting days like today were, knowing that it would be soon that I would have my love back in my arms again. Although I do not miss him, sometimes I do miss the life. I always felt as if I mattered, and that just by keeping our home running, I was doing my part in serving the country as well. I do miss that. I miss the companionship I had with my fellow Navy wives, and the friends that I made while he was serving. Although I wouldn't go back to those days, I do miss them. Its not just the waiting for one sailor, but seeing all the joy we all went through together, and watching my friends come home as well. I really miss the guys that I made friends with on the boat as well. I do hope to someday again find the love that I thought I had then, that can withstand a deployment, and endure all things. Maybe someday I will have that again. But for now, I will hold my head up high, and enjoy being a single mom with two beautiful children to love.

Today though, I ask my friends and family to celebrate with Sara, with the other Marine Corps families, and with America for the safe return of some of our heroes. I want to celebrate! Thank each and everyone of them for their service, and welcome them home! You guys are amazing, and I am so glad that once again some of our heroes have returned!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Time to Start Over

My Little Angels

I've decided that it's time to start over with this blogging thing. Now that I'm so far away from so many of the friends I had in what seems to be another life, I've decided that I should find a better way to keep in touch. So much has changed since I've last seen most of the people who will read this. I'm in the process of a divorce, and working on becoming the best single mom I can be. I love my children more than anything, and I want that to be the first thing anyone really knows about me. I'm living in Idaho now, but we'll see how well that works out. I'm not the biggest fan of this area, and I do feel out of place here, but for now anyway it is whats best for my children.

My Sweet Girl!
Angela is mommy's little princess, and is getting so big now. She's fully potty trained, and growing like a weed. I can't believe she's almost 3 1/2 now! Doesn't it seem like just yesterday she was born? She is learning to speak so well, and all in all is a very polite and well behaved child. She is a ray of sunshine in my life, and gives me some of the greatest joys in life! She's pretty loving and is a great big sister. She likes to pick on her brother, but nearly as much as he picks on her. When it comes down to the wire though, she is really protective of her baby brother.
Gabriel is my little prince charming. He always has a smile for everyone and is really a very friendly kid. He's a handful don't get me wrong, as he's going through the terrible two's now, but he's so charming about all of it. He has a smile that will melt anyone's heart, and a love that I just can't compare to anything else. He's like me in alot of ways, and gets bored easy, but all in all he's great. He likes to beat up his sister, and find ways to torment her, but I think it's mostly because he likes her companionship. They love each other dearly, and that I am very thankful for.

My life wouldn't be complete without them in it. When they put their little arms around my neck and make sure that I know they love me, I can't help but be thankful for the most precious gifts the good Lord could have ever given me. There smiles bring me more joy in this world, than anything else. I love my babies so much!

As for me, I've been doing weight watchers for about 5 months now and have lost a total of about 35 lbs now. It's nice feeling healthier, and happy again. I have been blessed to have some great encouragement in my life, and I love everyone who has been there to help me along the way with this journey. This divorce may be the end of a marriage, but I'm looking at it as a new beginning in so many ways. My life will go on, and I will be happy!

My Before pic...September of 2009

My current update May 2010